The Man Who Lost Everything

The man who lost everything…

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There once lived a man who was very handsome. He had a loving wife and many wonderful children. He was blessed with a blooming business and so wealth in his household was plenty. They all lived a healthy and happy life together. Alas! The merry times did not last. One day calamity struck his household. His business was destroyed and all his family died except his wife. He contracted a terrible disease and his health started deteriorating. The people of his town considered his disease contagious and a bad omen so they turned him out of the village. He started living in the outskirts where he could neither work nor move.4654613 Day by day, his health and money reduced. His wife had to go and serve people to earn an honest bite. But the people did not like his wife to be near them either in case she was infected. In this sorrowful situation, eighteen…

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These Troubled Times

Lighten It Up


Today was a hard day for the people of Pakistan. From one affliction after the other, we suffered. In general too, these are troubled times for the entire Muslim nation. One wound after the other, I saw people losing hope. I heard comments and read posts about how all is lost. Everyone is in despair. No one feels they can take it any more. And rightly so, the pain is great. The wounds are physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

We keep repeating on our social media what we are going through and how bad the situation is, ending with a hashtag of #NoHate, though in reality our posts are doing nothing else but generate hate. But then what else can we do? We feel helpless!


My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, sad as you are, let me remind you of another hard day that someone very beloved to us…

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No. I am not. if you were to ask parents, do you want your kids to read books when they grow up, 90% parents will say, yes. Because we know books are extremely helpful in shaping a beautiful mind and imaginative capabilities. Allah says in the Quran in the very first revealed ayah, Iqra’ bismi Rabikallazi khalaq, stressing on the utmost importance of reading. You would see, the parents would only focus on their kids’ reading habits once they’re in school. 80% kids have already developed a habit of not reading books by then and hence its difficult to find almost any book interesting beyond 10 minutes. They are already habitual with digital screens with all sort of lazy entertainment, because its easy for parents to get rid of daily tantrums like that.

Kids are excellent copy cats, they do what they watch. I and my wife have been reading books since my kid was not even in this world. So when he came in this world, he was already surrounded with mama’s and baba’s books to play with. Kids are very healthy learners and observers, why because for them everything is new and nothing is not interesting.

I read once that kids who are given books at an early tends to read more and make books their friends. And we have experienced that.

What kind of books should I buy to my six month old? I tell you. We bought our son some books with pictures explaining how Allah created everything, how Ibrahim AS came to know Allah, different parts of body, fruits and vegetables and enjoying all those books since he was only 6 months old. We would sit with him, read him out the stories not more than 2 minutes a day, while we let him look at the other books, having things that he could relate to like parts of body. He would look at a hand drawn in the book, and then would see his own hand. SubhanAllah. Books can be the best friend of a child if he can relate to things. Remember baby’s day out. Whenever he sees a bus in the street he would always remember the big yellow bus in his book and smile 🙂

So what we’ve done is that we’ve combined a couple of books with some toys (he loves cars, tyre and anything that has moving parts) in a drawer with which he can play and look and make sounds of horse, donkey, dog, cat, camel and all sorts of animals and enjoy. 🙂

Now he knows where is his hand, his beard (his chin and cheeks 😉 ), his leg, his hair and his teeth are, however we haven’t told him that this little little part of your body with 5 small fingers with which you put the whole world upside down is called your hand 😉

So to explain, don’t underestimate the power of books at an early age. Give them books, let them tear them off, let them play, let them see the pictures, but give them islamic books. Let him hear the azan, and tell him its Allah o Akbar. Trust me, when he would start talking with Allah’s will, one of the first words he will speak will be Allah o Akbar. 🙂 My son already knows who was ibrahim AS and how did he called people to Allah’s Oneness. He knows that Allah created everything, the yellow pink flowers, the rabbit hopping away, the buzzing bees, the bulbul come in the garage daily for some food and drink, because he is hungry like him. subhanAllah, I am amazed at the beautiful mind Allah has given us, only we try to utilize it and use it for good.

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Five practical steps to being a steadfast Muslim!

My article published at YCBlog, Five practical steps to be a steadfast Muslim

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Not a single person can deny the fact that human nature is notorious and censurable;  history is one unfortunate witness to this very fact!

But human beings are bound to err. They were never designed to be perfect, nor  do they run on pre-defined algorithms for pre-designed results. They are not machines- rather they are driven by their own feelings, challenges, successes and failures.

In this fast-paced  technological era, man needs constant guidance through sincere friends and families to help him weave a path of steadfastness. But most of all, man needs his own self. A living conscience that constantly awakens him to the realities of life. An untainted sound heart.

Islam came to protect individuals, and to give people a chance at a better future, and a better life in the Hereafter. But to actually benefit from this, one needs to learn how to ‘live the life’ of a Muslim.

As  Br. Mohammad Ali [1]…

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Facebook, shaping our lives!


Facebook has proved itself to be one of best Psychologist. It not only helps you analyze people in our friend lists, but provide detailed account of someone’s life. All of what we like, what we share, what we speak depicts our mentality and our lifestyles. And I am sure, we don’t want everyone to know everything about us. That is the reason there are some things that are private and some public. 

FB has enabled people to come and create a virtual personality, which indeed is a reflection of their actual personality. A virtual world that they want other people to see of them, showing that they are very happy all the time (or very sad in some casese), enjoying (or hating) the life. All those things that YOU want others to know.  

 Once our private life was considered private, FB has facilitated people to show their private pictures, memories, likes, dislikes, places you visit, resturant you dine in, friends you have, hobbies you have, to be shared with all those who are interested and all those who are not. Once you upload anything on FB, it has indeed been made public by yourself and you cannot expect people to not judge you because of that. Everything you do, everything you don’t, does leave an impact on people, so choose wisely. In the real world, we think atleast 10 times before speaking, but in the virtual world we just “share”!

To my experience, FB is the most extensively used, attention seeking tool in this world. You had an icecreamwho cares? You visit that new cafe in town! Who wants to know that? You are listening to some song! Listen, we are not interested. You are sad and alone? Go and sit with your family, you won’t be anymore insha’AllahWallahi, such posts are pretty annoying and I think intelligent people don’t behave like that. Intelligent people should widden their center of influence by working on people around them instead of sharing useless (not all), fake (not all) and annoying things  (not all) on FB, wasting time, making fool of yourself. 

Anyhow, there are always good and bad aspects of everything. We should focus on the good but shouldn’t entirely ignore the bad ones. FB is an extremely powerful tool. Don’t let it shape your lives! Choose wisely!



How believers pray for each other upon sneezing!

SubhanAllah, what a great conversation between two Muslims. If one sneezes, he praises Allah by saying, Alhamdulillah. One who listens asks Allah to bless him by saying Yarhamukumullah and then the former asks Allah to guide the later by saying Yahdikumullah!

Wow. Sometimes my mind wonders how strange are the manners prescribed to the Muslims. People who pray for each other upon sneezing, can they really hate each other? Wallahi, never. There is a reason why Muslims have a GOLDEN history of ruling the whole world over 800 years!!

Be responsible of your leadership

”In a Muslim household, the man of the house is the Ameer (leader). He is a shepherd, who will be held accountable for his flock. He is their leader; he knows them, nurtures them and trains them to be effective members of the Ummah socially emotionally, mentally and most significantly spiritually. ‘

So be responsible for your leadership!

This morning when I woke up…

This morning when I woke up...

Yesterday was a hectic day for me. I had much headache since morning and the whole time was extremely difficult. My eyes were swelling, my brain was beating with my heart beats. If I could just smack my head in the wall and it eased me, I would have done it. Didn’t want to go to office, but I had to obviously, hoping that it will settle down some time later.

At lunch time I took two tablets of Ponston from my office first aid box, praying to Allah SWT to ease my pain. Praying to Allah SWT that he will forgive my sins due to this pain according to the hadith of Rasullah “A believer does not receive (the trouble) of running a thorn or more than that but Allah elevates him in rank or effaces his sins because of that.” [Aisha RA, Sahih Muslim]

I had an apple and a carrot as lunch sitting in my office balcony, watching kids playing in the City school ground at Johar Town, feeling my pain. I decided I won’t be able to carry on some of my pre-commitments after office so I cancelled them all and decided to go back home as soon as office ends. So did I.

I reached home after buying some grocery and went to my room for a sleep. Though to myself, how will I sleep with this headache but managed somehow to get a little. After a while I woke up due to the irritating chirps of my parrot JJ. Its a beautiful grey cocktail with orange cheeks. We have placed a bulb for heating purposes in its cage as winter is approaching fast, but we discovered that the bulb kept it off from sleep due to light, so we made sure we switch it off at appropriate times so that it can rest properly. I longed for it keep quite but it didn’t. We are pretty used to that at home anyway.

Whats interesting was that a couple of days before JJ finally learnt how to jump from the sofa to our sholder once we show him reeori (Famous pakistani sweet) because it was fond of it. It was funny and yet amazing that how we can tame such birds. Had a wonderful time with it since almost 8 months when it came as a baby birdy.

But anyway, in my sleep, cursing its chirping, I kept on pretending to sleep. The night passed, I woke up in the morning today, took up my usual routine, shower, getting ready for office, and going down for breakfast that my wife prepares in the meantime. I went down and suddenly, my wife told me an extremely sad news that put me in deep sorrow and regret.

“Apko pata he, JJ mar gaya”.

and I was like,

“kia? kaise?”

and she told me that we don’t know it was perfectly fine last night, eating, running here and there, chirping, but in the morning my sister told her that it died. Wallahu aalam was happened to it. I was so shocked. And right then an ayah of the Glorious Quran stuck me like lightning.

هُوَ الَّذِي خَلَقَكُمْ مِنْ طِينٍ ثُمَّ قَضَىٰ أَجَلًا ۖ وَأَجَلٌ مُسَمًّى عِنْدَهُ ۖ ثُمَّ أَنْتُمْ تَمْتَرُونَ
It is He who created you from clay and then decreed a term and a specified time [known] to Him; then [still] you are in dispute.
Surah Anaam ayah 02

We read tafsir of this ayah that Allah has decreed a time for death for every human being and even every living or non living creature that He has created in this whole universe. He has not only decreed the individual time of death of all but has also decreed the collective time of everything واجل مسمی عندہ for the day of Qayamah when every human being and jin will be gathered in front of Allah for the detailed account spent in years of life span.

It was so unexpected that I could only remember my own death that we would all have to die like this. Allah knows best when is our time written. Allah knows best whether or not we will wake up tomorrow morning. Whether or not we will be able to see our loved ones tomorrow morning like I am unable to see my loveliest parrot JJ. My father took it out of the cage when my sister told him to bury him somewhere when she was leaving for her college. It was definitely sad for all the family as we all loved it very much. May Allah rectify our mistakes, make us true slaves of Allah by understanding true Tawheed from Quran and hadith and make us among the mutaqoon.

May Allah make our paths the correct ones. کہیں ایسا نہ ہو کہ دیر ہو جاءے

Dedicated to my cute little parrot, JJ
(Jadu Junior, inspired by our previous parrot whos name was Jadu)
With love!