No. I am not. if you were to ask parents, do you want your kids to read books when they grow up, 90% parents will say, yes. Because we know books are extremely helpful in shaping a beautiful mind and imaginative capabilities. Allah says in the Quran in the very first revealed ayah, Iqra’ bismi Rabikallazi khalaq, stressing on the utmost importance of reading. You would see, the parents would only focus on their kids’ reading habits once they’re in school. 80% kids have already developed a habit of not reading books by then and hence its difficult to find almost any book interesting beyond 10 minutes. They are already habitual with digital screens with all sort of lazy entertainment, because its easy for parents to get rid of daily tantrums like that.

Kids are excellent copy cats, they do what they watch. I and my wife have been reading books since my kid was not even in this world. So when he came in this world, he was already surrounded with mama’s and baba’s books to play with. Kids are very healthy learners and observers, why because for them everything is new and nothing is not interesting.

I read once that kids who are given books at an early tends to read more and make books their friends. And we have experienced that.

What kind of books should I buy to my six month old? I tell you. We bought our son some books with pictures explaining how Allah created everything, how Ibrahim AS came to know Allah, different parts of body, fruits and vegetables and enjoying all those books since he was only 6 months old. We would sit with him, read him out the stories not more than 2 minutes a day, while we let him look at the other books, having things that he could relate to like parts of body. He would look at a hand drawn in the book, and then would see his own hand. SubhanAllah. Books can be the best friend of a child if he can relate to things. Remember baby’s day out. Whenever he sees a bus in the street he would always remember the big yellow bus in his book and smile 🙂

So what we’ve done is that we’ve combined a couple of books with some toys (he loves cars, tyre and anything that has moving parts) in a drawer with which he can play and look and make sounds of horse, donkey, dog, cat, camel and all sorts of animals and enjoy. 🙂

Now he knows where is his hand, his beard (his chin and cheeks 😉 ), his leg, his hair and his teeth are, however we haven’t told him that this little little part of your body with 5 small fingers with which you put the whole world upside down is called your hand 😉

So to explain, don’t underestimate the power of books at an early age. Give them books, let them tear them off, let them play, let them see the pictures, but give them islamic books. Let him hear the azan, and tell him its Allah o Akbar. Trust me, when he would start talking with Allah’s will, one of the first words he will speak will be Allah o Akbar. 🙂 My son already knows who was ibrahim AS and how did he called people to Allah’s Oneness. He knows that Allah created everything, the yellow pink flowers, the rabbit hopping away, the buzzing bees, the bulbul come in the garage daily for some food and drink, because he is hungry like him. subhanAllah, I am amazed at the beautiful mind Allah has given us, only we try to utilize it and use it for good.

The writer is a Software Engineer and can be contacted at


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