Tell a story…

People already know what are the features of your product. You’ve marketed it enough through your marketing schemes. Tell them something from which they can relate to. Tell them what you believe.
Tell your customers the story why you introduced this product in the market.

Focus on why, not what and how

think about the difference between Microsoft and Apple. both have products of same utility, only one has a story. 


What if things don’t turn out to be like you planned?


Things are extremely unpredictable. No matters how perfect you plan,  how hard you try,  how you prioritize your tasks, bad things happen and plans are always jeopardize.

One of the main reason is that in real world projects, things are dependent on external things in which humans also come. 

No matter how good your plan is, always keep slack time in your plan. Just-in-case something happens you don’t get a failure. 

If you but want to succeed as a person…


…Then you should not only uplift your standard of living but also help others to do so. Try to remove the feeling of inferiority in others by loving them and by exhibiting good behavior towards them especially when they aren’t getting it from others.

You’ll not only form a good relation with them but win their hearts, open to your inspiration.

This is your key to public victory!

Why plans for great ventures doesn’t work often?


Thinking about opening a big company is not the problem. We see thousands of students every year, thinking awesome ideas and planning something great. On the way to achieve them, they loose working on their initial vision. Thats where your quality is compromised, your product is failed, your organization collapse.

Stick to your plan, learn from your mistakes and improve. Never compromise on your vision and deliver your best quality whatsoever!