When education fails – The obsession for high grades – By Nisaar Nadiadwala

There are three surah in the Qur’an which are named after insects, Surah Nahl, ch 16, Surah  Naml ch 27, and Surah Ankaboot, ch 29. Each insect has a special quality regarding striving without giving up, which we must learn from them. None of them give up.

Note, how many times the honey comb is emptied by men ! Everytime it is filled by the efforts of bees who swarm whole day in fields and farms to collect few drops of honey, men take away leaving the honey comb  like an haunted hoUse. 

Note, how many time an ant falls down of a wall while carrying small grains of food !

Note, how many times the house of a spider is wiped away by our brooms ! The Qur’an testifies that  the web of a spider is the weakest of all the houses.

Inspite of all the efforts of these half inched, or smaller than that, insects  go in waiste yet they never undergo any depression nor commit suicides losing away all hopes. Each of these insects have stronger immune system than man when it comes to failure. Compare it with our responses in a faiure. If you misplace your motor car’s key and can’t find out when it is getting late, how do you respond? Many of us will be irritated or behave rudely, some even spit out obscene words!

  Consider this : Your young daughter is getting trained in the  kitchen and  she misses to lookout when the milk was boiling. You get irritated. Your son has got just few marks less than last exams but you cannot tolerate that loss too. All around us we see impatient behaviour. One of the main reasons for traffic jams in the streets of India and Pakistan is that people cannot  wait for green signals even  for a few seconds. Our life style has become impatient. Success is the only thing we look for.

  Indian surveys report that : 45% of people comitting suicide in India are between 15 to 29 years of age. This was in 2007. In 2010 India lost around 2 hundred thousands ( 2,00,000) of its population to suicide. Almost half of them were between 15 to 29 ! ( Gujarat Samachar Sunday, 15 Nov 2013, Mumbai edition)

  Mahatma Gandhi failed as a Barrister and could not even get a job of a teacher. That man uprooted entire British Empire from the Indian subcontinent.

  It took a Prophet of the calibre of Mohammed, peace be upon him, more than two decades to establish the supremacy of Islam on the Arabian land. Prophet Noah carried and tarried his duty till 950 years. Ibn Umar took many years to complete just the study the tafseer of Surah al Baqarah. These men never underwent depression.

  Our education system burries the children under the mountains of books and syllabus and this further is added with more burden of hopes and expectations of grades.  If you study a cat teaching its kitten how to catch a mouse, you willnotice that many a times the kitten misses the punch of its claws and the mouse escapes. The mother cat doesnt slap its kitten , it goes hungry without that hunt but the teaching goes on.  We cannot give a second chance to our kids if they perform better instead of best. This is not how we shoullld teach. That cat has not done any Bachelors in Education, but it knows how to teach its kitten.

Our education system only talks about acheiving grades and super grades. Nothing less is accepted. So we have a generation of Academic brilliants but not pyschologically strong educated graduates. We have graduates and post graduates who are still frustrated because  of not reaching their dreams. After all education is not only about producing graduates and post graduates but it should be about graduating one’s  enduring system and patience in efforts. Those few insects and that cat mentioned above have never been to schools but when it comes to facing crises they are more educated than our best products from World class Universities.

  Author Nisaar Nadiadwala can be responded at nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com