Fajr Checklist – Evernote!

Fajr Checklist – Evernote!



I read an excellent article on Islamqa.com and am able to extract a checklist based on the suggestions that were given for us to wake up for Fajr.
I believe, the day we make sure everything is implemented from the mentioned things, we will be able to get up for Fajr on regular basis insha’Allah.

So there are two things you have to do!

1. Install “evernote” on your androids/iphones
2. Save this note
3. In evernote there is option to add reminder on a note on daily basis, add it for daily review
4. Keep filling it and looking it until you get your Fajr perfected, insha’Allah.

Checklist is as follows:
Are you sleeping early?
Are you Taahirbefore sleeping?
Are you reciting azkaarbefore sleeping?
Are you deliberately intending to wake up for Fajr?
Do you remember Allah as soon as you wake up?
Are you seeking help from family and friends for you to wake up?
Are you placing your alarm clock close?
Are you snoozing your alarm and lay down?
Are you waking up in parts?
Are you eating too much before sleeping?
Do you switch on lights upon waking up?
Are you praying fajr with congregation?

Click here to access the Fajr checklist directly on evernote!


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