Understanding the Key Ingredient – Sister Hajrah

If you ever ask any person, no matter where he comes from, what does he think of good health and strength, he will definitely say that they are a blessing and a gift. However, the truth is that they are a blessing only when accompanied by a key ingredient. Without that they are a curse. Read on to find out what that key ingredient is and how does its accompaniment affect one’s health and strength.

يهب الله الصحة والقوة مع رحمته فإذا هي نعمة وحياة طيبة، والتذاذ بالحياة، ويمسك رحمته فإذا الصحة والقوة بلاء يسلطه الله على الصحيح القوي، فينفق الصحة والقوة فيما يحطم الجسم، ويفسد الروح، ويدخر السوء ليوم الحساب

[Roughly translated:] When Allah gives health and strength accompanied by His mercy, then it is a blessing and (gives) a pure life, and he gets pleasure from life. And when He holds His mercy, then the health and strength are a calamity, Allah inflicts it upon the healthy and strong. So he spends his health and strength in that which smashes the body and corrupts the spirit and gathers evil for the Day of reckoning.

Continue reading here…Understanding the Key Ingredient.


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