Papa..mama…my friend says, “I am an Athiest”. Can I be one too, please?

Will it matter, if in the near future, our kids are confronted with Atheistic ideas in their school presented by their mates, in colleges/universities, in markets, in advertisement and in education, and our kids start adopting them and start becoming Atheists unknowingly?

Will it matter or will you still call it the cultural difference and respecting the opinion? This is no criticism, think about it if you haven’t, there’s no harm in thinking.

Will there be any time left then to study Islam from the original sources and get to know it properly (without our assumptions and our former beliefs), act upon it, groom our children accordingly?

Did you truly never give it a thought if our kids would come denying the existence of Allah, or raise foolish questions/comments representing hatred towards the Commandments given in the Quran with visible social/political/enconomic benefits?
Will you ignore them even then and let him wander like animals do? Or will you act humanly, guiding him? Alas! And how will you guide him when you yourself is unguided?

Atheism is all around us. And they are getting stronger. Not because they are. But because we are not.

Lets be one and leave everything else. Lets follow Quran and Sunnah, leaving everything else. Lets start caring for our own selves, for our children and for our society. May Allah save us from Kufr. Ameen.

athiestic kids funny


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