An Advice from my Grandma – Br. Fareed Ahmad

My grandmothers(nani`s) name is Anayat Begam. She`s one of the most beloved and sweet natured person in her late 70s I have ever seen. Amongst countless blessings of Allah showered on me, she is one significant one.

Ever since we`re child, she`d babysit us, make feeders for us, change dippers play with us etc.. Then as we grew up methods changed but her contribution in life remained the same, now she`d make chapattis, cook food, take care of us(physically, morally etc) in absence of amma. Take our side, when we`re being scolded by our parents. Share secrets, etc.. .. Anyways, the point is there`s much deep connection of love and affection. (needs no explanation if you are blessed with a like natured granny. If not, I fear you can`t comprehend the bond)

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An Advice from my Grandma..


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