Gaining Intelligence : Ofcourse With the Help of Qur’an.. by Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala


Many of us think that intelligence is directly propotional to our IQ in Maths, Language and Science.The higher marks you get the more intelligent you are taken as. But we observe a lot of foolishness and lack of intelligence even among those who are Toppers in Academics. An advocate can win any case by his brilliance in arguments and reasoning.  But he doesnt apply the same reasoning when he worships a ‘created god’. He doesnt argue with his own self. A doctor diognises sickness and identifies it but he cannot diaognise his own sickness when he watches obscene movies sitting his in drawing room along with his family!  An Architect designs a huge structure but he  doesnt acknowledge the administrator of the huge universe and its system, rather he seeks refuge in Astrology and Vastu shashtra. Theologically, either they are not intelligent  or they refuse to use their intelligence.

 The Qur’an also speaks about intelligence. Rather it teaches how to be intelligent. The verses are wll known to us and they have passed by our eyes many times but we did not use our intelligence to ponder into it. So let us revise the lesson. I am referring to Suratul An’am  , ch 6, verse 151. You have to open it to enjoy the verse and understand it.. I am just putting the translation below:

 Say ! I will rehearse what Allah has prohibited you from . Join not any partners with him

Be good to our parents

Kill not ( do not Abort) your children out of the fear of poverty, We provide you and them

Do not come near to shameful deed, whether open or secret

Do not kill , whom Allah has made sacred, except by the way of Justice and law


These are six things mentioned in the above verses that are leads man to  intelligence. The purpose of the verse is in the last phraseof the verse : SO THAT YOU MAY BE INTELLIGENT.  The word ‘AQL’ is Arabic root word which also means to reason or to use intelligence.

  There are millions of advocates and lawyers across the world earning through their reasoning skills but they worship human gods or dont worship God at all. The main reason? They do not reason with their own self. They follow congectures, and imaginery things.

  Be good to your parents : This is another clause of intelligence. Our parents are the ones who has the most amount of obligations upon us. Our mother bears our load in her pregnancy and then till we are infant. Our father bears our expenditures till we earn. But we see that many of us respect our bosses and seniors more. Our boss pays us because we have worked for them. He is becoming richer via our hardwork. Our parents feed us for? A natural obligation upon us with no selfish expectation. That is why it is a natural intelligence that our parents deserve  ‘IHASN’  a beautiful conduct. That is intelligence.

  Do not kill your children out of a fear of poverty. We provide to you and to them. In this age of super education where every goverment has a target up 100% literacy we see killings of children in abundance. If you dont abort your child then you are intelligent. One may ask, where is the intelligence here? The result will be seen in future when yuo grow old and your only child is away in the US or other city and your only daughter is married and busy with her family and you are lonely. If your child is selfish he may not give your expenses too ! But ti wil be too late to realise  what the Qur’an said 1400 years ago is true even today : They are in loss who kill their children out of foolishness without knowledge. China, which practised one child per family is growing into a nation with a surplus of senior citizens. From where will the Government provide pensions to them. Can pensions provide them the comfort of  a companionship ? There is a concept of Rizq in the ayah. Your degrees and grades do not earn you wealth rather it is Allah who provides. This is intelligence.

   Do not go close to shameful deeds, whether open or secret. The Arabic word here is Fahisha..the word for sex outside marraige is zina. Fahisha is something that leads to zina. So it is intelligent not to fall prey to obscene movies, bad friends, peer pressure, indecent dressings and fashions, and vulagar lanaguage. All this is fahisha. Keep away.

  Do not take life which Allah has  made sacred , except  by the way of justice and law.  Thats it. In a broader sense or current scenario it meeans… do not attack nations and plunder their natural wealth , kiling their civilians. That is not intelligence.

  So these are the commands of Allah  SO THAT WE BECOME INTELLIGENT. Intelligence is not taught only in Havard and Cambridge but it is developed along with the spiritual upbringing, understanding the differnce between haram and halal and accepting it and observing it. Are we really intelligent?

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