Dare to love like that!!!! – Br. Abdullah Intekhab

What’s SO wrong with our people that we’re SOOO dependent on other ideologies for our day-to-day lives. We need “a” day to show love to our loved ones; we need “a” day to show love to our mothers… cuz if we miss “Mother’s day” then lo behold all hell will break lose and I can’t show my mother that I love her for the remaining 364 days of the year.

I won’t even say that these things are “Un-Islamic” because that’s what our people have the biggest problem with: “now that everyone’s calling it un-islamic it MUST be cool.”
These things are simply IDIOTIC!

And just like EVERY other societal issue, these idiosyncrasies HAVE to leave our society so that we can with confidence (once and for all) say that man has NOT infact evolved from Baboons! (cuz right now that’s how we act: monkey see money do)

If you want to love; here’s how a MAN loves:

The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: ”When a husband and wife look at each other with love, Allah looks at both with Mercy”
[Bukhari 6:19 & Tirmidhi 14:79]

Once the Prophet (salAllahu alaihi wassalam) was sitting with Amaa Aisha (radhiAllahu anha) and fixing his shoes. It was very warm, and Aisha (radhiAllahu anha) looked at his blessed forehead and noticed that there were beads of sweat on it. She became overwhelmed by the majesty of that sight. She was staring at him long enough for him to notice. He said, “What’s the matter?”

She replied, “If Abu Bukair Al Huthali, the poet, saw you, he would know that his poem was written for you.”
The Prophet (salAllahu alaihi wassalam) asked, “What did he say?”

She replied, “Abu Bukair said that if you looked to the majesty of the moon, it twinkles and lights up the world for everybody to see.”

So the Prophet (salAllahu alaihi wassalam) got up, walked to Aisha, kissed her between the eyes, and said, “Wallahi (By Allah) ya Aisha, you are like that to me and more.”

Wallahi, THIS is love and nothing else and we as Muslims love the whole year round, Allah hu Akbar!


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