Sinking of Titanic

Posted at Islamic brothers facebook group by Br. Hassan Adnan 

Ocean are mysterious, and because you can never know too much about them at anytime, they are dangerous. They are like the open and untamed beast which can throw you off any moment, off your saddle , off of your control.

One of the artefact which tried its fate on the tides of ocean was Titanic, the 840 feet long mammoth, 60 feet tall, weighing more than 26000 tons, feeding on 900tons of coal a day. A crew of 930 men were needed to run it, it capacitated 2200 men.

4000 men build it in 5 years and 80 men lost their lives in building its luxuries, with the finest of details, from furniture carvings, floor paneling, linens, social activities, dinning, ball rooms, gymnasiums, spas and Turkish baths.

An engineering marvel of the age, coming from a shipyard like silcon valley of today, that was totally customised for building titanic. Run by 159 furnaces, 2 reciprocating engines as high as three story building producing 15000hp. One Parosn’s turbine engine for propellers producing 1600 hp. 150 electric motors, 200 miles of cabling. 6 generators, 3 propellers, a rudder of as high as 75 feet.

The launch of Titanic marked a massive marketing campaign attracting the likes of JP. Morgan. An executive ticket would cost you 75000$ of today’s money. And it would take 6 days to reach New York.

To learn from the fate of Titanic, it is easy to see that we are subject to ordainment, of fate, of factors we can never control, of knowledge that is beyond us, of being mortals and simply of the order and might of Allah.

Take your selves back to 1912 knowing how much money, times and resources have been invested in making Titanic a safe ride , one could not have presumed that it could meet a fate like this.

And so what are the huge structure of today, the Burj Al Arab, Burj Al Khalifa Petronas Tower, Shangai Towers and Federation Towers or A380, 747s or 777s, the aircraft carriers or bullet trains. They like Titanic live in the oceans, skies and earths of fate and destinies, controlled By only One might…

We are humbled by every big event that shakes us.


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