To a Young man (ایک نوجوان کے نام)

Aik naujawan k naam – Bal-e-Jibrael

[Translation given below]

Your sofas are from Europe, your carpets from Iran;
This slothful opulence evokes my sigh of pity.

In vain if you possess Khusroe’s imperial pomp,
If you do not possess prowess or contentment.

Seek not thy joy or greatness in the glitter of Western life,
For in contentment lies a Muslim’s joy and greatness.

When an eagle’s spirit awakens in youthful hearts,
It sees its luminous goal beyond the starry heavens.

Despair not, for despair is the decline of knowledge and gnosis:
The Hope of a Believer is among the confidants of God.

Thy abode is not on the dome of a royal palace;
You are an eagle and should live on the rocks of mountains.



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