What is your CENTRE?

Different people have different centres in their life.  Some are work-centred. Their top most preference is their work. They would prefer working in the office in case their boss calls them late night, at the cost of pre-planned dinner with their family. Some people are money centred. There dinner with their family, the type of friends they make, the choice of clothes they wear and everything else revolves around money. They would find peace where they would make profit in monitory terms, compromising important relationships. On the contrary,  some people are spouse centred. All they care about is their spouse. They seek their spouse for every decision they make in their life while compromising on work, friends and other crucial matters.

Some common centres has been mentioned by Dr. Stephen Covey in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. While reading the names, just try to remember a moment of your life, where you have acted as having any of the following centred. Try if you can recall someone whom you can categorize in any specific centre. Here is the list:

  • Spouse centred
  • Family centred
  • Money centred
  • Work centred
  • Possession centred
  • Pleasure centred
  • Friend/Enemy centred
  • Church (mosque) centred
  • Self centred

The words are enough to define the consequence of each centre. I am sure you can fit almost every one you know in any one of these centres without doubt. And in no time, you’ll realize the limitation of  belonging to any one centre. Money centred would compromise family. Spouse centred would compromise work. Self-centred might compromise both.

When it comes to us, it feels like we don’t belong to any ONE centre, rather we change our centre of influence every now and then according to our circumstances. Sometimes when relationship with family is to be valued, we must leave work or money to give our family a surprise. Or sometimes, when economic conditions of the family are unsatisfactory, long working hours would suffice to provide a sustenance to the overall family. Even the family wouldn’t mind in that case, as they understand the necessity of the situation  And sometimes, we have to focus on our own self in order to get the most out of us and leave everything else.

What should we do then? Should we keep on changing our centres according to our situations or should we just stick to one centre and be ready to compromise on other factors?

To know the answer, wait for the next post, “Principle centred people”. COMING SOON 🙂



The writer majors in Software Engineering and is an amateur blogger and photographer. He may be contacted at www.facebook.com/page.z.imtiaz


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