Don’t be ASHAMED to do without FAME

Since childhood, we are indoctrinated directly or indirectly, that the only jobs good enough to do are white collar jobs in huge marble floored offices. Unfortunately, there aren’t such jobs for all in my country. A graduating candidate limits one’s search to the ‘luxurious’ jobs and the general attitude is not to earn until and unless one finds a reasonable one.

My friends, colleagues and family members seek to get employed in developed countries like UK, USA, Malysia, Canada and so on. The sad part is, they would work there at any place, do any job. They’ll become a security guard, a worker at a small local resturant, a pub, cleaning dishes in the kitchen, selling things on the streets, so on and so forth.

Why would they do it there in those countries and not in there homeland?

Where did their ego go then?

Is it only money all they want?

Sacrificing there ownselves, their ego, their family (living distant and not coming back for years) and sacrificing their culture and facilities they had back there in their own country? Why? They didn’t have to iron their clothes, nor cook food or laundry or anything else as such when there mothers, sisters and wives did back at home. Why sacrifice so much in the foreign and doing nothing at home?


My brothers and sisters must understand, its not that we shouldn’t think, aim big and look for an opportunity but we need to be realistic and start working in whatever capacities we have. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get what they want, in this life, for this life. Implementing a small earning plan whether it be a security guard, a dishwasher in a local resturant, selling snacks on a tricycle at a market place, giving part-time coaching for a subject, anything; we must not be shy to earn our livelihood from our own hands, helping ourselves as well as our families.

It won’t hurt, trust me. Instead, it would give us confidence. We earn 10 times less is our homeland, with our families is far better then working in foreign countries without them. I ask myself a question, “What shall be my purpose of life if I can’t come to visit my families on marriages, on deaths, on other moments of life.” After all, money can’t buy happiness.

An old struggling man, having degrees from the best universities of the country, when sells ‘fun snacks’ on a tricycle at a spot in the city’s posh area is happy and contended. He is happy that God has still given him resources to earn his own and his family’s food. He does not regret nor does he looses hope. The fact that he is contended doesn’t stop him think big. He works hard to grow his business from a small tricycle food spot in something big. He is like a bird, sitting near a pond, feeding itself on insects to survive, waiting for the big fish, waiting for the ‘opportunity’.

All great business were never born great. Just don’t underestimate the power of hard work and just livelihood.

In that case, Earn less and be proud.

Your brother,

Zaki Imtiaz 


5 thoughts on “Don’t be ASHAMED to do without FAME

  1. I think peer pressure does play an important role, specially when your own family members start questioning in an uncomfortable manner. e.g. “Tumhari degree ka kya faide hua” etc. etc. But those who do it eventually succeed Alhamdulillah

    • This is exactly what happens. Individuals living in a society are generally peer focused and they think in an “outside-in” instead of “inside-out” paradigm. A principle oriented person may handle such situation very easily, where many people won’t understand.

      JazakAllah for your input.

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