Gotta act like a leader

One of the best qualities I noticed while reading the biography of Umar bin Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him) is when he was appointed as the Caliph of the Muslim world, he held himself responsible for every affair under his command. He assured the people that he’ll protect them and give them their due rights.

An extract from his biography goes as follows:

Just two days after the appointment of Umar as the Caliph, people started talking about his hard-nature, about which Umar feared. He decided to solve the matter so he ascended the pulpit and addressed the people.

“Were not these two (Muhammad[Last Prophet of Allah] and Abu Bakr [First Caliph after Muhammad] [May Allah peace be on them]) great men content with me until they died? Know that my hard-nature has become soft. But I would remain stern against the wrong doer and unjust. I will throw him on the ground whoever I found unjust. I will place my foot on his chin and will make him follow the truth and the path of justice. O people, you may hold me accountable for anything in which I fall short. I will spend your charity and war booty only in the way of Allah (In Islam, wealth is considered to be a sacred trust from God). Beware of me if I spend even one dirham in the wrong place. If Allah willed, I will keep on increasing your salaries and bonuses. I will protect your borders. I will not take a single step towards a path that would harm you. I will not appoint anyone on the border for a long time. When you’ll confront the enemy on the borders, I will keep watch and protect your homes. O slaves of Allah! Fear Allah and help me. ORDER ME TO ENJOIN WHAT IS GOOD AND FORBID WHAT IS EVIL. Help me by advising me in the matters of the caliphate. That is it, i just want to say this. I pray to Allah for our forgiveness.”

[Taken from Biography of Umar e Farooq By Dr. Ali Muhammad As-Sulabi published by Darussalam, pg 214-215]

This is how a leader is supposed to be. Taking up every responsibility and protecting the people. No matter who you are, a teacher, a parent, a sweeper, a student, an office bearer, a president or anyone else, you are accountable for your position. No matter where you are, in your office, at home, at university, on a journey, at friend’s place or anywhere else, you are responsible for all the matters around you.

You have to protect the matters.

You’ve gotta lead them to become their leader.


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